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Hardening Security for Linux Server

  • Secure Partition Mount Options
  • Security Updates
  • Install /Configure NTP
  • Install /Configure Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment
  • Enable Secure (high quality) Password Policy
  • root login detector & notifications
  • Deny For Failed Password Attempts
  • Secure Web Server,Mail Server,DNS Server
  • Secure MySQL and MariaDB Databases
  • Secure SSH Logins
  • PHP Security
  • Kernel Tuning
  • Secure WHM control panel
  • Disable IPv6 Support
  • Prevent DNS Attacks
  • Firewall Configuration and Setup
  • Disable Uncommon Protocols
  • Disable Unnecessary Services
  • Disable uncommon filesystems
  • Disable core dumps for all users
  • Buffer Overflow Protection
  • Configure Selinux(Security Enhanced Linux)
  • Scans system for common signs of rootkits and backdoors

Hardening Security for Windows Server

  • Operating System Security Updates, Hotfixes, Service Packs, Optional Updates
  • Remove All Unnecessary File Shares
  • Set Appropriate ACLs on All Necessary File Shares
  • Configure Account Policies
  • Configure Audit Policies
  • User rights, permissions, privileges
  • Securing services
  • Firewall configurations
  • Secure DNS server
  • Web Browser (Internet Explorer) Security
  • System & Application Logs
  • Microsoft Security Compliance Manager


Hacked server analysis, recovery and prevention

  • Detect the compromised
  • Inspection (Contain Damage and Minimize Risk)
  • Prevention (Removal and Recovery)
  • Security Updates
  • Configuration changes
  • Make a recommendations on how to avoid future attack


Email Delivery Improvement

  • Tighten up your mail server
  • Setup DomainKeys and SPF records
  • Configure DNS properly (ptr)
  • Configure spam filtering (in-bound)
  • Configure limits for outbound email.
  • Optimize email queue timeouts
  • Remove catch-all emails


Email Blacklist Remediation

  • Review server logs, email bounces, mail server configurations.
  • Define the root cause of the black list
  • Use different IP for sending emails
  • Assist with removing your server IP from the major blacklist database
    (request the unblock)


Server Performance Optimization

  • Define the bottlenecks
  • Server benchmarking
  • Capacity audit
  • Service optimization


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